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All roofs, whether commercial or residential, need regular maintenance. A properly maintained roof is crucial to avoid safety hazards and prevent leaks. Regular commercial or residential roof maintenance also helps reduce the risk of costly repairs, maintains the roof’s energy efficiency, preserves property value, and increases your roof’s lifespan.
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How Often Does My Roof Need Maintenance?

Although all roofs should be maintained or serviced regularly, the exact frequency depends on whether your roof is residential or commercial, how new your roof is, and what type of roofing your building has.

At a minimum, your roof should receive roof maintenance services yearly, although once every six months is highly recommended for additional peace of mind. While newer roofs may not require as much maintenance, roof maintenance companies can assess your roof’s condition and conduct minor repairs.

Commercial roof maintenance should be more frequent than residential roof maintenance because they tend to be larger and more complex. For instance, a commercial roof usually has more equipment, like drainage systems or HVAC units.

The roof angle and materials can also affect your roof’s maintenance frequency.

Two Maintenance Per Year

Flat roof maintenance

A flat or low-sloped roof has a slope angle of less than 2:12. Flat roofs aren’t entirely flat; their lower pitch compared to other roof types makes them more susceptible to water pooling. This means flat roofs are more vulnerable to water damage and leaks. If your residence or commercial building has a flat roof, conduct maintenance two to three times a year.

Tile roof maintenance

The upkeep frequency of a tile roof primarily depends on its age. If your tile roof is brand new, your roof might not need more than an annual inspection and cleaning. As your roof ages and its condition slowly degrades, consider giving it more frequent inspections and maintenance.

A professional roof maintenance company can assess your tile roof’s age and condition, provide tile roof maintenance tips, and suggest the best maintenance frequency for your situation.

One Maintenance Per Year

Shingle roof maintenance

Although shingles can be as effective and visually appealing as tiles for your roof, they are made of lighter materials than tiles. This makes them more vulnerable to certain types of damage, such as wind or impacts.

Consider giving your shingle roof professional inspections at least once a year. You may need more frequent maintenance if you live in an area with frequent rainfall, storms, or other harsh weather conditions.

How Much Does Roof Maintenance Cost?

The national average cost of a roof inspection is $280, with prices typically ranging between $100 and $400. Roof inspections generally include minor repairs, routine maintenance, and a complete report.

Roof maintenance costs vary depending on the type of inspection conducted, the square footage, and the complexity of your roof.

Type of Inspection Conducted

Physical inspections require contractors to climb onto your roof and assess its condition. The costs depend on the slope angle, ranging from $75 for low-sloped, walkable roofs to $200 for high-sloped roofs requiring extra safety equipment.

Alternative methods include drone inspections and infrared assessments. Roof contractors may offer these methods if a physical inspection isn’t possible.

Roof contractors may offer drone inspections if the slope angle is too steep or your roof is unsuitable for a physical check-up. They use remote-controlled drones with cameras, which capture your roof from various angles. A drone inspection costs $150 to $400 on average.

Infrared roof inspections in Los Angeles, CA

An infrared inspection works like a standard drone inspection, but the drone is equipped with a thermal imaging camera. Although this is the costliest option, ranging between $400 and $600 on average, it is also the most effective at detecting roof leaks.

Roof Size and Material

The larger and more intricate your roof, the more time and resources a roofing contractor needs to inspect it. While the size of your roof factors into the cost, pricing is typically based on the roof type material. Depending on the roofing materials, you can expect to spend between $5.50 and $24.75 per square foot.

Roofing material Average cost per sq. ft.
Aluminum shinglesft.
$6 to $16
Asphalt shingles
$4.25 to $8.25
Clay or ceramic tile
$12 to $24.75
Concrete tile
$11 to $19.80
Copper tile
$12 to $20
Flat roof materials (rubber, membrane, EPDM, etc.)
$5.50 to $7.50
Slate tile
$12 to $22
Steel shingles
$10 to $20
Wood shingles (cedar, pine, composite shakes, etc.)
$8 to $14.30

What Are the Benefits of Professional Roof Maintenance?

Roof maintenance is preventative care for your home or commercial building, reducing the risk of more severe and costlier issues. Ensuring your roof receives regular maintenance from professional contractors provides the following benefits:

Professionally conducted maintenance at the proper intervals for your roof type and materials gives your roof the care and minor repairs it needs throughout its lifespan. Regular roof maintenance allows you to monitor and address problems as they arise, helping you keep your roof in optimal condition. A properly maintained roof can last for multiple decades.

A well-maintained roof addresses minor leaks and damage, preventing them from worsening and reducing the risk of costly repairs or a full roof replacement. Maintaining a regular roof maintenance schedule can save you thousands of dollars in roof repairs, but it also helps prevent other damage to your home or commercial building.

For example, if you notice a minor leak, regular maintenance will fix it before rainwater can penetrate the roof and cause water damage.

A properly maintained roof not only lasts longer and is more cost-effective, but it is also more energy-efficient. Proper maintenance helps ensure your roof provides your home or commercial building with the correct level of insulation and ventilation. A well-maintained roof in California should reflect excess heat and allow warm interior air to escape, keeping the inside cool and comfortable.

If your roofing is subject to California Cool Roof standards, proper maintenance also helps ensure your roof complies with the state’s energy efficiency laws.

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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Broken tiles, damaged or missing shingles, water leaking through the roof, or a sagging roof are the most common signs that your roof needs maintenance.

Undertaking roof maintenance tasks on your own is generally discouraged, regardless of whether your roof is walkable, given the inherent safety risks. It is advisable to entrust roof maintenance and repairs to a qualified contractor such as AJ Reyes. We have the resources and expertise to conduct thorough and safe inspections and maintenance of your roof.

A roof inspection service assesses the condition of your roof as it currently stands, identifying issues and determining whether maintenance or repairs are needed. A roof certification can be part of an inspection and verifies whether your roof meets local and state regulations, such as local building codes.